Have Mic, Will Travel

by M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth

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The follow up sophomore release from M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth. Showcasing versatility in styles, this album also has improved studio quality to give you a rich sound that makes listening more enjoyable to this underground artist.


released July 4, 2012

Mastered by Jan Hassmann



all rights reserved


M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth 昆明市, China

An original member of the underground rap group "Darqueseed" from Houston, Tx., M.D.A. went solo and pursued a career overseas in the People's Republic of China where he makes a living touring the country and performing at club venues both large and small. ... more

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Track Name: Have Mic, Will Travel-Intro
I travel the land / With mic in hand / Representin' A.W.O.L / Every time I stand / I quick draw suckas fall / From the words I dealt / Trigger happy with my rhymes / Another notch in my belt / Next town another round / Just expanding my fame / M.D.A. is so profound / Like the man with no name / Give me a fist full of dollars / Or a few dollars more / Have mic will travel / Right to your door / My style too versatile / So don't label me / The label I trust / Blazin' Anarchy / Most wanted in your area / High price on my head / Wanted poster says alive / But emcees want me dead / I got the whole posse / Chasin' after me / But I didn't shoot the sheriff / Or the deputy / So I'm headed for the border / Try and catch me if you can / I'm not goin' out / Like Custer's Last Stand / Ride into the sunset / Spittin' Lyrical lead / Challenge if you want / But you'll end up dead / It's straight from the hip / Every time I spit mine / center mass to the dome / Fake ones get flat lined / Call the undertaker / For another pine box /Just another victim / Of the man with dreadlocks / This goes out / To those that wanna battle / It's M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / I have mic, will travel
Track Name: I'm Back
(Verse 1) I gave you several months / To write rhymes better than mine / Now I'm back / And you niggas is outta time / So step back / And let a real nigga shine / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Is back in the grind / And I'm gonna shine / Brighter than the sun / Cause' I know that you know / I'm still number one / In the region or area / For causein' mass hysteria / The Beast from the Burgh' / Ain't nobody better at / Rockin' it rippin' it / You lovin' how I'm spittin' it / You know I tells the truth / Ain't never bullshittin/ it / Just give me a mic / Plus a beat I like / I gets the crowd hype / When I recite / My lyrical prose / Enjoyed by friend and foe / Blaquesmyth bar none / Amateur or pro / Fake ones get on alert / Best stay on your toes / IHook 2x) I went away for awhile / But now I'm back / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / On a brand new track / I went away for awhile / But now I'm back I'm back / He's back
(Verse 2) I been gone for a minute / Tourin' and doin' shows / Workin' on my music / You know how that goes / Dealt with a few haters / Chilled with many fans / Traveled back and forth / Across Chinese lands / Put my music on the net / So many websites / Just Google M.D.A. / Make sure you spell it right / B-L-A-Q-U-E-S-M-Y-T-H / If you can't find me / Check out My Space / They don't know me in the states / But Chinese people love me / So when it comes to hip hop / No one is above me / Magazines and posters / That you put o the wall / Been on billboards / Two stories tall / Got crew in Hong Kong / Shenzhen and Beijing / My favorite spot to chill / Is with my wife in Kunming / Still reppn' A.W.O.L. / Every chance I get / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Back to rip the set
(Verse 3) M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / My name simply stated / Modern Day Antar / When its unbbreviated / And haters hatin' / Cause' they so uncouth / Never I tell a lie / Cause' I spit the truth / So I'mma huff and puff / And break it down / Like The Big Bad Wolf / When I 'm in your town / And if you can't hang / With the slang I bring / You need ot step back / And let me do my thing / Because I remain unchanged / I'm at the top / Leader of the Pack / The number one spot / Cause' what I recite / Will blow your mind / It's unlike what you usually find / On wax CD or mp3 / That's why my name is on the marquee / And I'm still chillin' here in the P.R.C. / Don't need no record deal / Cause' I'm Just that hot / Everybody's on their feet / When I rock the spot / I got shit on lock / My competition is zero / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Call me the People's Hero / Cause' I'm makin' big stacks / With a whole lotta zeros
Track Name: Catch Wreck
For my conception / I thank my dad and my moms / Now the Blaquesmyth drops lyrical bombs / My mic is like a weapon / Never runnin' out of ammo / Layin' lyrical land mines / Like a black Rambo / I come equipped with the lyrical / Freestyle acrobatics / Showin' skills to drop science / For hip hop fanatics / Sometimes I stay mellow / And just like to chill / Or I can spit in your face / And get in your grill / I grab the mic get on stage / And don't give a fuck / Look out into the crowd / And be like what / I got sounds comin' down / Causein' ear infectoins / Give you vertigo / Make you lose direction / I battle to the end / No matter foe or friend / Throw in the towel kid / You're not gonna win / Burnin' up your grill / I got those Iron Fist skills / Got you in my sights / And I shoot to kill / I lash out and get crazy / When I'm perturbed / Body slammin' and Van Dammin' niggas / Like Goldberg / Peeps wanna test / Cause' I'm one six five / But go against me / You might not survive / I'm fierce with the hands / A black ghetto Jackie Chan / I don't know martial arts / But I'll drop you where you stand / Talk shit in your face / Not behind your back / You callin' me weak / Na na black / I say anything and don't feel no shame / Always serious and never playin ' no games / Leave emcees in my debris / Like cannon fodder / Put your mic in a casket / And call the funeral parlor / Most are unsound / I stand on solid ground / And like Superman / Perform leaps and bounds / Takin' bullets to the chest / Laugh at Kryptonite / Put you in the Phantom Zone / Cause' you scared to grab the mic / Sticks and stone break bones / But words do damage / Don't come in my arena / If you can't even manage / To hold your own / Cause' I'm known to catch wreck / Just leave it alone man / Don't even step / I'm known to ruin reps / Do I make myself clear / Fuck Freddie and Jason / I'm the one to fear / You get more than your feelings hurt / Fuckin' with me / Cause' I'm the baddest apple / On this family tree / Rotten to the core / Don't care what you think / Still walkin' around / Like my shit don't stink / Now you can bullshit the baker / You might get a bun / Fuck with M.D.A. / And you gets none / I'll slice you from neck to nuts / Feed you your own guts / Chop off your dick / And shove it in your butt / Now you fucked yourself / By fuckin' with me / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Blazin' Anarchy
Track Name: Spit
(Verse 1) When I spit mine / I come with riddles and rhymes / That make you rethink and rewrite your own lines / Droplets of saliva / Cover your glasses / Rollin' down your cheek / Like clear molasses / Even when my throat gets dry / My flow stays liquid / I saturate the mic / Every time I lift it / As I move my tongue / Spit gets flung / Whoever's in my path / Is soakin' wet when I'm done / The words I spit from my oral cavity /Carry a lot of weight / They're heavy from gravity / My rhymes so deep / Sink you like the Titanic / My vocab's gigantic / Big as the Atlantic / Sea you see me / Through rose colored lenses / Pick you like flowers / Tulips and credenzas / Love me love me not / Take your best shot / It's M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Is that the best you got / If so step back / I block shots like Shaq / And like I said before / Na na black / Cause' it takes a little more to go to war with me / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Blazin' Anarchy
(Hook 2x) I spit mad rhymes in each and every verse / Drenchin' your area / And quenchin' your thirst / When I spit rhymes / I make the mic wet / Cause' if it ain't wet / You ain't spit shit yet
(Verse 2) Pull out your umbrella / Or even your raincoat / Cause' once I start spittin' / You will get soaked / From my lyrical rain / Like Meth I bring the pain / I'm the MVP / M.D.A. got game / Just like a viper / Spittin' deadly venom / Suckas step outta line / You know I gotta get em' / My spit like acid / Burn through anything / My spit so hot / You can see the steam / Hit you with my flow flash flood your area / Get swept underwater / Nothing is scarier / You're drowning in a sea / Of lyrical expression / Like sex without a condom nigga / No protection / I hock a lougie on the mic / Every time I speak / Not for the light hearted / Not for the weak / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Quick to get shit started / My spit so hot / You might get scalded / Give you third degree burns / Give nappy hair perms / I spit more shit / Than porn stars shoot sperm / Now that's alotta spit / So just figure it out / Saliva glands ready / To spit shit out
(Hook 2x)
(Verse 3) I come with that spit / Highly saturated phat / Most emcees get dehydrated / They shit sound wack / My shit be addictive / Quench your thirst by the bottle / Just one sip / will have you goin' full throttle / From zero to a hundred / In two seconds flat / Got your whole body sweatin' / When I spit on a track / My spit get you sprung / My spit make you cum / Make your whole body wet / When I move my tongue / No shame in my game / Ladies take it how you want / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Never will I front / I know what you need / And I know how you need it / Make your whole body shake / When I eat it / That's all that's needed / Cause' I hold mine down / A.W.O.L. affiliated / From the underground / Homewood-Brushton / Born and raised / But I been around the world / Plus I gets paid / From big face Ben / To big face Mao / I stack loot / Anyway anyhow / From the Burgh' to H-Town / Beijing to Hong Kong / The crowd gets hype when I spit on a song
Track Name: Judgment
Judge me / You best not / Don't judge me / Judge me not / Now judge me / You better not / Don't judge me / Judge me not
Judge not lest ye may be judged / Try and push me back / But I won't be budged / I hold my own when I'm alone / While you callin' for back up / But you best to back up / Before you get smacked up / My vernacular is spectacular / Flow without hesitation / Not your average emcee / Lyrical regurgitation / Y'all recycled rapper / Can't start of finish this / I'm like hip hops Revelation / While y'all stuck on Genesis / One on one I'm untouchable / I can't be stopped / I'm down with A.W.O.L. Crew / So suckas ge dropped / I said step up / So fake niggas kept steppin' / So I had to crush egos / With the mic as my weapon / Too many judged / This book by its cover / But there's not enough cover / For you to duck under / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth commitin' lyrical homicide / All enemies prepare to die / All actions justified / My voice is so strong that it reverberates / Shakin' down mountains / And causin' earthquake / Avalanches and cave ins / Rock slides and whirlwinds / Just enough shit / To make your head spin / Leavin' you dizzy / Like you drunk off whisky / Sittin' in the corner / Smellin' all pissy / Now judge me / You best not / Don't judge me / Judge me not
Don't judge my style / Cause' its unconventional / Terms of your surrender / Unconditional / Don't judge my lyrics / Cause' you can't comprehend / The words I speak / A means to an end / don't judge my friends associates / Or my family / it will only result / In your personal calamity / Don't judge me / In any way shape or form / Just because / I don't fit the norm / I break all molds / no holds barred / On superficial rappers / I call a Jihad / A war on wackness / Has nothing to do with blackness / You infidels / My code you can't crack this / The sword I swing / Delivers swift justice / And when I'm done / All that's left is just us / Me and mine / Forever for all time / so don't judge us / Or the way that we rhyme / Now judge me / you best not / Don't judge me / Judge me not / Now judge me / You better not / Don't judge me / Judge me not
Judge not lest ye may be judged / Hatin' ass niggas / Always holdin' a grudge / Judge not lest ye may be judged / This is who I am / Not who you thought I was / Judge not lest ye may be judged / Ain't another nigga / Can do what I do / Judge not lest ye may be judged / I dare anybody to step to my crew / Now judge me
Track Name: The Dis
When real niggas get pissed / Fake ones get dissed / And its a fake mutha fucka / That made me write all this / If you know a fake nigga / Add him to the list / Or better yet point him out / And yell suck a dick
Verse 1
Now I'm not with Ruff Chem / But I got "Multiple Shots" / Puttin' fake ass niggas / Into funeral plots / I've had it up to here / With this fake ass wanna be / You no talent rapper / Your'e not an emcee / You're just a bitch ass nigga / So go ahead and retire / Or call me Donald Trump / Cause' nigga you're fired / You went from singin' to rappin' / Now how that happen / Simps can't be pimps / Yep nigga I'm cappin' / I gotta keep it real / So I'mma spit it how I feel / Too bad if you don't like it / Cause' I'm way too ill / So step up if you wanna get hurt / Your just another victim / Six feet in the dirt / Step to M.D.A. / And your career is through / You was crying and begging / To get in A.W.O.L. Crew / You ain't got no skills / And its survival of the fittest / Every word I say is true / Allah is my witness / You're faker than the bling / That you wear onstage / So I gotta crush you / Let loose my rage / I got sounds raining down / Like lightening and thunder / You can't even make a spark / You no hit wonder / All you do is emulate / So I gotta eliminate / Your flow ain't got shit / Even if you defecate / From me there's no escape / You can't shake your fate / Tracktor beam locked on / Your hull I penetrate / Trust me young nigga / You ain't ready / To go toe to toe / I'll rip you up like confetti / No matter how hard you try / You can't be like me / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Blazin' Anarchy
Verse 2
You mistook my kindness for weakness / So I could never forgive / You ain't have a place to stay / So I let you stay at my crib / Tried to borrow my shoes / Started wearing my clothes / Stared out as friends / Now we gotta be foes / Hanging on my nuts / Harder than these hoes / Asking everyday / If you can follow where I go / You goin' to the studio? / Can I get on a track? / How come girls don't like me? / Why they callin' me fat? / Well for starters / I heard you couldn't swing your bat / And you cried during sex / All truth all fact / I know three different women / That said you couldn't tread water / Cause' you was hung / Like a three year old toddler / I can't speak Chinese / But you can speak it fluent / Still needed my help / Getting chicks that would do it / I got you wide open like seven-eleven / Got you in my scope nigga / Twenty-four seven / Cause' my shit is so real / And you just a pretender / Ni shi Jiawo / Wo shi Jenda / You're just a little pup / Can't hang with the big dogs / Best stay on the porch / Don't take your leash off / You ain't no champion / Not even a contender / In the hip hop community / Your not even a member / Can't understand what I'm sayin' / You best get hooked on phonics / Can't dance can't flow / Back the fuck up like Onyx / Or you will get slammed / Cause' like I told you before / In a battle nigga / I'm ruff, rugged & raw
Verse 3
Lyrically or physically / Your not in my league / I didn't even try hard / I'm not even fatigued / I can keep going / Didn't even break a sweat / And it only took ten minutes / For me to perfect / This was just a prequel / You don't want a sequel / How dare you even think / That you could be my equal / Google me then google you / The facts speak for itself / Keep my name out your mouth / If you wanna keep your health / You ain't even earned the right / To be in the same venue / I'm like filet mignon / You ain't even on the menu / I'm from Homewood-Brushton / Pittsburgh, Pa. / Now shut the fuck up / Or find out the hard way / If I was a comedian / I'd write jokes about you / But I'm an emcee / So I wrote a flow about you / I'm the type of nigga / To make dough without you / I didn't use your name / Cause' no one knows about you
Track Name: Toe Tags
(Hook) This ain't funny / So don'tcha dare laugh / Bodies in the morgue / Layin' on slabs / This ain't funny / So don'tcha dare laugh / Listen real close / To the epitaph / This ain't funny / So don'tcha dare laugh / This is the way / They got their toe tags
(Verse 1) This brother right here / Liked life in the fast lane / Tried every drug / Made him act real strange / He liked fast women / And even faster cars / He partied every night / At clubs and at bars / Thought he was a baller / Hittin' on dubs / Had a nice car / But still was a scrub / Had a nasty / Real expensive no doubt / Couldn't pay his debt / Got his eyes gouged out / Had his tongue cut / Then his throat slit / They found him in the dumpster / Chopped into bits / This little girl / Walkin' home from the store / With a gallon of milk / Nothin' less / Nothin' more / The light turned green / So she started to cross / Drunk driver ran the red light / Now her life is lost / This young man / Wrong place wrong time / Walked into a store / In the middle of a crime / Caught the robber by surprise / Got shot in the chest / Police caught the robber / But you can guess the rest
(Verse 2) This couple right here / Double homicide / Neighbor called in / Shots fired inside / Police found the bodies / Still under the covers / Husband caught his wife in bed / With her new lover / This one / She was a party girl / Fast money big ballers / That was her world / She ran low on cash / Livin' way too fast / To make extra dough / She started sellin' her ass / She used to be a tease / Now she's gettin' On her knees / That's how she caught / A real bad disease / It made her real sick / Her looks started to fade / But that's what happens / When you catch AIDS / And this young man / Tried to make a come up / Robbin' Houses at night / Then he really fucked up / He broke into the house / Of a big time dealer / Very well known / For being a cap peeler / Silent alarms is how he got caught / Last thing he heard / Was a gun being cocked
(Verse 3) This man / Couldn't deal with stress / Swallowed some pills / Cause his life was a mess / Just lost his job / Wife took the kids / Was about to go to jail / And do a long bid / He didn't wanna do time / At any cost / Poor bastard didn't know / his lawyer got him off / This one / What can I say / Dude got killed / Because he was gay / He came out the club / Went alone to his car / Parked around the corner / Just a little too far / He looked at his watch / Cause' someone asked the time / Ten minutes later / Victim of a hate crime / This last one / Tried to be a hero / But this ain't Taxi Driver / And he ain't DeNiro / He chased down a mugger / That snatched a women's purse / The mugger pulled a knife / And stabbed him first
Track Name: Off The Hook
Lyrically I'll smoke you / Toke you choke you / Take you for all your cream / Nigga broke you / Use you abuse you / Don't get up / If you thinkin' about talkin' / Shut the fuck up / I despise chastise / And wreck all foes / I'm M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / And I'm steppin' on toes / I'll slam you blam you / Bust your lip / I'll splaow you Blaow you / Take all your chips / I breaks it down like quarter rounds / At a Bulldogs game / I'm certifiable / Mentally insane / My styles too versatile / You can't compete / You can barely keep up nigga / Kiss my feet / When I flow I puts it down / Known to go toe to toe / And round for round / Y'all eat it up / Cause' niggas like to bite / Ink ain't even dry from the rhymes that I write / I kick and punch / And knock you down / I'm the king of the mountain / Come take my crown / I'm on fire baby / Uh huh I makes it burn / Burn you to a crisp until you learn / I'm not your average everyday emcee / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Don't flow for free / If you wanna see me live / Then you gots to pay / Half in advance / Then I'm on the way / If you ain't got the cash / Then gimme the door / Cause' if my moneys not right / Then you'll see me never more / Its like I scored thirty yellin' domino / Gimme all my money / And fuck you hos / So forget about the perks / Just gimme the cash / You get a better show / When I get it fast / Got my mind on my money / Got bills to pay / Money for my lawyer keeps suits away / I set the mic on fire / As I heat up the night / To the early morning / Of dawns early light / I live hip hop from dawn to dusk / This shit is real to me / You can't take it from us / My style is unique / So is my sound / I paid my dues / In the underground / Knockin' niggas out the box / When I catch wreck / Pissin' in your face / Pure disrespect / My name in lights is all I need / Original Darque Chylde / From that crew Darqueseed / Put you on the corner / Like you was one of my hos / Put your feet concrete / And go make my dough / Don't need no whips / Or expensive things / I'm an average motherfucker / Don't wear no bling / Just me my crew / And I'm all good / Puffin' on a blunt / Like you knew that I would / No fakin' no frontin' Just M.D.A. / I'm my own boss / Do shit my own way / Homewood-Brushton is where I'm from / My boy from the Bay / Said he like to go dumb / 2-6-8-9 until the day I die / That black and blue / Yellin' out k-psi / I ain't got shit to prove / And I'm quick to show it / Every time I start to flow / Y'all fools will know it / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Shakin' you undoubtedly / First one into battle / Causin' fatalities / Blurrin' your reality / Make you go insane / Burnin' up the set / Until nothin' remains / Always reppin' my city / My label my crew / Every time I start to flow / This is what I do / From Hong Kong to Beijing / And all points between / I'm known to catch wreck / If you know what I mean / I'm known to rock a party / When I'm on the scene / Forget about Elvis man / Cause' I'm the king / You quick to get shook / So take another look / It's M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / And I'm off the hook
Track Name: Here We Go Now
(Verse 1) Its time to start the party / Right here right now / Its M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / And I rock the crowd / Grab the mic with skill / Quick t oget ill / Sayin' what I want / Don't give a damn how you feel / Just gimme the mic / And I'll think of something / As long as this place is packed / I get em' jumpin' / Got your heart pumpin / Check the BPMs / Got the goosebumps / All over your skin / You got something to smoke / Go ahead and light it up / You got something to drink / Then pour it in your cup / You feel like dancin' / What you waitin' for / Grab somebody out the crowd / And get on the dance floor / Move it shake it / If you have to fake it / See what you like / Go ahead take it / Your place or mine / Your choice make it / Let's go back to the crib / And get buck naked
(Verse 2) M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / My name simply stated / Modern Day Antar / When its unabbreviated / Haters hatin' / Cause' they so uncouth / Never I tell a lie / Cause I spit the truth / Now I only got a minute / So watch me shine / Twenty-four-seven / I'm on my grind / So you haters keep hatin' / I ain't got time / If you can't understand / Best press rewind / Every second is worth a mil / If you use your time right / So I spin most of mine / In the limelight / Let people see me / The ones that wanna beat me / The sucka emcees / That want ot defeat me / The ones that change their name / Hopin' to change the game / Not realizin' / They're the same old same / Its a damn shame / You just a lame / Up in tis game / C'mon
(verse 3) I'm from the P-I-double T-S Burgh / Homewood-Brushton / Yeah nigga you heard / These streets is real rough / Better take my word / Find out the hard way / And you're bound to get served / Now turn that shit up like Fisticuffs / I like my music loud / And it ain't loud enough / I'll make your spot / Hot like bodegas in the summer / My flow so tight / Just like a bad of rubber / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Yo that be the name / With or without dough / I'm still the same / Fuck drinkin' Cyrs / I don't like champagne / Just pass me a blunt / And I'm okay man / Don't need whips or chips / to pull honey dips / They like the way I flow / The way I move my hips / They like the way I dress / And to me that's funny / Cause' I don't wear brand names /And I'm always dressed bummy