Hip​-​Hop 101: Class is in Session

by M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth

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The 3rd (still not finished) installment from M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth


released July 7, 2016



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M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth 昆明市, China

An original member of the underground rap group "Darqueseed" from Houston, Tx., M.D.A. went solo and pursued a career overseas in the People's Republic of China where he makes a living touring the country and performing at club venues both large and small. ... more

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Track Name: I Got Flow
Verse 1
It’s M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / I’m back once again / All you suckas in the game / Let’s not pretend / We’re not friends, associates / Or collegues / Matter of fact / I’m so far / Way out your league / I can’t help it that I’m dope / That’s just the way I am / Party get crunk / When they play my jam / I’m spittin’ fire for you niggas / Cause‘ I’m blazin’ hot / Say what I want / If you like it or not / I got flow / So you oughtta / Listen much harder / That garbage that they spittin’ / Nigga please, why bother / When I rock a mic / You get your money’s worth / Rockin’ stages worldwide / Both sides of the Earth / Don’t care about awards / Still don’t wear bling / Cause’ real emcees /Don’t care for such things / Don’t care about money or fame / That’s the truth / Just care about the beat / When I enter the booth / I’ll say my name again / In case you don’t know / It’s M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / And bitch I got flow

Verse 2
Step in front of me / You won’t be survivin’ / You get run over / Like I’m Chinese when I’m drivin’ / Yep, yep I said it / And I don’t really care / No rest for the wicked / Haters everywhere / But I let em’ do their job / Cause’ that’s what haters for / The better I do / They hate me even more / Once I grab the mic / I just don’t quit / Like Philly Freeway / I spit that shit / And if you wanna get at me / I’m more than happy / To battle ANYBODY / Straight hair or nappy / Dark skinned or light / Don’t matter your height / You think this just a battle / But I’m ready to fight / It’s M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Shutting down the area / Step to me wrong / Then I gotta bury ya / Make no mistake / Just sealed your fate / Quick on the draw / Y’all niggas too late / You done took the bait / But you ain’t ready though / I already told you before / Bitch I got flow

Verse 3
I got my own style / Stand up on my own / All original / Not some watered down clone / Best leave me alone / Keep your career intact / I catch a case / Whenever I spit on a track / Cause’ I murder emcees with ease / This is a fact / I told you before / I’m takin’ hip hop back / So I’m snipin’ all you fake niggas / Actin’ like y’all pull triggers / This ain’t GTA / Kill me / How you figure / Blessed with the gift of gab / You get schooled / Hip-hop 101 / And my class full / I’m not a musical genius / But it’s the other way around / Just a genius that’s musical / How you like me now? / When it comes to haters / I’m concerned the least / I’m not Brock Lesnar / But they call me the Beast / Go against me / You get shitted on / Daniel-san bitch / Wax off wax on / Call me Bruce Leroy / Cause’ I got the glow / And like I told you before / Bitch I got flow
Track Name: Talkin' Nonsense
Microphone check / 1, 2 and I got this / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / With that brand new hotness / Now watch this / Ain’t nobody that can spit it better / And when it comes to women / No one gets them wetter / Now I betcha / Thought I wasn’t bringin’ the heat / But you get first degree burns / Just from hearin’ me speak / I been gone for awhile / My style / I know you missed it / So I’m back with the flow / That’s quick to get you twisted / Got chicks on the dance floor / Shakin’ and twerkin’ / My niggas in the back / Puffin’ on the weed smokin’ / Got my mojo workin’ / When I’m in the spot / Everytime I grab the mic / I make the spot hot / I’m the fantastic one / Like Johnny Storm going solo / Spitting on the mic / Is how I make my dough so / No matter where I flow / From street corner to stage / I gets mine everytime / Plus I gets paid / I’m quick to shoot the gift / Feel the verbal assault / All the ladies love me / But it’s not my fault / Cause’ my black don’t crack / In fact it’s the opposite / Skin smooth like butta / So panties drop a bit / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / It’s all cause and effect / I hear a dope beat / And I start to catch wreck / It’s just the kid from the Burgh / So listen to every word / Speakin’ on topics / From mundane to absurd / Not makin’ much sense / Check out the evidence / I write rhymes and chorus / Without the use of thesaurus / Straight from the dome / Cause’ my vocabs enormous / So go back to the lab / Cause’ your style is basic / You can’t see me / Without the use of Lasik / Surgery it’s purgery / Lyrical burgalry / Can’t bite my style / Too many heard of the / Emcee that’s too original / Can’t stop residuals / Paypal workin’ overtime / All my sales digital / Internet sensation / Don’t give a damn about Grammys / Only praise I need / Is from my pops and my mammy / My freestyle ain’t free / You gotta pay for every word / My paystyle on point / Like nothin’ you ever heard / I keep low key / On my personal profile / Most don’t even know / How I can go buck wild / My flow is too erratic / For most beats I rap on / But I flip to beast mode / Once the mic is turned on / Old school or new school / It don’t matter how I flow / Master of many styles / Like Jeet Kun Do / Go toe to toe / With most any emcee / I say what’s on my mind / Don’t care if you agree / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Blazin’ Anarchy / And I’m still chillin’ here / In the P.R.C.