Modern Day Antar

by M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth

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This is the debut indie release from M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth, released in 2008. Listen and get insight into the mind and experiences of M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth.
*Bonus content - "Chillin' In The P.R.C." & "Gutter To The Grave" videos with every album download!!!


released September 22, 2008



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M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth 昆明市, China

An original member of the underground rap group "Darqueseed" from Houston, Tx., M.D.A. went solo and pursued a career overseas in the People's Republic of China where he makes a living touring the country and performing at club venues both large and small. ... more

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Track Name: Gutter To The Grave(Ruff, Rugged & Raw)
(Hook 3x) From the gutter to the grave / I'm ruff rugged and raw / Ruff rugged and raw / Yeah ruff rugged and raw
(verse 1) From the gutter to the grave / I'm ruff rugged and raw / Come at me wrong / I'll punch you in the jaw / So listen up y'all / I came to stand tall / But I'm low profile / Even when I ball / I don't wear diamonds / I don't wear bling / I get enough attention on my own / Know what I mean / So all you fake ones / Snake ones / Always try and take ones / It's your move / So go ahead and make one / Watch your step / Cause' I'm known for catchin' niggas / My boys be pullin' triggas / We all make bigga figures
(Hook 3x)
(Verse 2) From the gutter to the grave / What you get is what you see / Like Rashad Al-Amin / I'm just bein' me / I don't explain my actions / Cause' I don't give a damn / Don't care who you are / Just know who i am / I'm that nigga in the cut / Ain't got nothin' to lose / Come around my way / You best not snooze / Or get battered and bruised / Taken for all you got / You're not from here / So stay off my block / I'm from Homewood-Brushton / So no matter where I stay / H-Town, Texas / Or Pittsburgh, Pa. / In the P.R.C. / Or the U.S.A. / I'm ruff / Ruff rugged and raw
(Hook 3x)
(Verse 3) From the gutter to the grave / I was born to make hits / Born to get rich / Born to lick clits / Yeah I do that shit so well / I make you cum quick / So open up wide / So I can get a lick / Cause' I'm that nigga in the corner / That got your bitch lookin' / Don't be mistooken / I will take your woman / I'm not The Rock / But I bet you smell what I'm cookin' / Lyrically dominant / My presence is prominent / Whatever I release / There's no stoppin' it / The public's lovin' me / I'm financially worry free / Cause' I'm the emcee / That others envy / I make hits / So my money will grow / Won't jeopardize my cash / For any man or any ho / I just flow / On and on like Badu / So excuse me please while I sneeze / Achoo / Al-hamdu-illah / All praise to Allah / If not for his will / I wouldn't be this far / Not I'm out the gutter / And my life has changed / The only question now is / How long before the grave
Track Name: Real Criminals
Yo, this next song right here, it about those GTA Grand Theft Auto video game thugs. You know them studio thugs. You know, they ain't never been in the life or seen the life. They pick up a pen and get a record deal, then all of a sudden they all about the life. You know who I'm talkin' about. Shit, I'm probably talkin' about you
(Verse 1) Niggas always braggin' / About doin' crime / How they did time / And did a bid like Shine / But ain't did shit / But write a fuckin' rhyme / Line by line / One big lie / Then they talk about / How they keepin' it real / How they rob and steal / How they a thug for real / But ain't done shit / But signed a record deal / You not hard for real / Just got PR appeal / Then they talk about / How they be down / Walkin' around / Face all frowned / Knowin' good and well / They stay way cross town / They not from the hood / They just slummin' around / Now they thugged out / On the tv screen / Actin' all hard / And playin' mean / But it's a video / It's just a fantasy / Like Ralph Phillips / It's all a dream / Because...
(Hook 2x) Real criminals don't tell on they self / Snitch like a bitch / Or trust no one else / They keep their profile low / And you never know / Which one is the real criminal
(Verse 2) Back in the day / They used to take your lunch / Without a fight / Not even one punch / And you never told / Not even once / You never had the balls / Never had the nuts / I remember you got decked in your eye / By a girl / She made you cry / Now you claimin' thug / Thinkin' that you're fly / But the whole damn hood / Knows that's a lie / You a fake ass nigga / dressin' all mafioso / Sayin' you work for the mob / And do mob jobs bro / But all you really doin' / Is tryin' to get some slob yo / With weak ass game / But this ain't Hasbro / Then you talk about / All the shit you got / Like Elmer J. Fudd / A mansion and a yacht / But you got your car / From the auction lot / Government seized / Two thousand a pop / Then you talk about / How you movin' weight / Keys and pounds / From state to state / But the only keys you got / Fit in your gate / To get in your house / Your so called estate / Beacuse...
(Hook 2x)
(Verse 3) Real criminals / This is what they do / They make that cash / They make that loot / They don't go around / Tellin' me or you / Na na black / That's taboo / They don't go around / Flashin' all that green / Cause' how much they make / Is a mystery / They never ever let you up / In their house / Unless you already down / And got a closed mouth / They don't go to jail / Cause' their lawyer is paid / And when they go to court / They're never afraid / Because real criminals / Got a right hand man / So if shit go wrong / They got a back up plan / Becuase...
(Hook 2x)
Track Name: Suicidal Thoughts
(Verse 1) Lookin' in the mirror / Can't stand what I see / The face starin' back / Always scarin' me / I can hear his inner thoughts / always thinkin' of death / No blood in his veins / Ice cold breath / Eyes in a trance / Showin' no emotion / Standin' perfectly still / But mind in motion / Showin' me images / Of carnage and mayhem / Sensory overload / It's fryin' my brain stem / Havin' epileptic fits / On the bathroom floor / Layin' in vomit / Can't reach the door / Whole side went numb / Can't feel my thumbs / Room starts spinnin' / Oh what have I done / Swallowed twenty little pills / Fifty milligrams each / Now I close my eyes / For eternal deep sleep
(Verse 2) Blood flows from my wrist / Like waterfalls during spring thaw / Crimson glow radiates / Like the nose on Rudolph / Bath water rush / Turn from blue to dark red / I start to feel dizzy / Gettin' light in the head / Envelope taped to the fridge / With a note inside / Giving reasons why / Of apparent suicide / Heart pumps faster / Trying to replace lost fluids / A man opens the door / In a black robe like druids / Eyelids get heavy / As the room grows dark / Reaper swings his scythe / Hittin' right on the mark / In the distance / Growing bright / In the darkness / Tunnel of light / Halos glow and wings flash / As angels take flight
(Verse 3) I'm sweatin' heavy now / And havin' second thoughts / I keep lookin' at the nine / That I just bought / As I'm drivin' down the freeway / goin' fifty-nine south / I keep havin' the urge / To put the gun in my mouth / Will I pull the trigger / Can I pull the trigger / Will I be missed / Or just a dead nigga / I start to wonder why / As I start to cry / Is ther another way / Do I have to die / Why must I remain / In so much pain / I swerve off the road / To blow out my brains / I find a nice quiet spot / In a dark parking lot / Thinking of reasons why / And reasons why not / I put a bullet in the clip / I put the gun to my lips / I squeeze hard on the trigger / And let my mind slip / I blink once I blinks twice / And nothin' happens / I guess that's obvious / Cause' I'm still here rappin' about...
Track Name: Mental Illness
I hear the voices...voices in my head...I hear the voices, I hear the voices, I hear the my head. Just kill two people, just kill two people.
(Verse 1) Some people say I'm too religious / Some say I worship the devil /The truth is / I'm just on a higher level / My lyrics be condensed to make sense / I sound insane / That's why doctors be stickin' and pokin' / At my brain / I got alotta issues / That stem from my psychosis / That's why I'm medicated / With very heavy doses of / Drugs and liquids / they checkin' my piss / It's just too hard to take / Please give me a break / The room starts spinnin' / My hands start to shake / I don't know how to act / My arms got needle tracks / Last thing I remember / Are all the lights goin' black
(Hook) I'm sick and tired / Tired and sick / Tired of the games / Sick of the shit / I'm sick and tired / Tired and sick / Tired of dealing with / Mental illness
I hear the voices in my head...I hear the voices in my head...I hear the voices in my head...I hear the voices
(Verse 2) Nurses come to take my blood / In the middle of the night / Wake me up the wrong way / Got me ready to fight / I'm put in leather shackles / I start to go berserk / They put me in a straight jacket / Now my arms don't work / I can't move I can't run / And this just makes me mad / And on top of all that / My nose itches real bad / I can't take no more / Someone has to save / I'm like Dr. Bruce Banner / Don't make me angry / I've had enough / I've had my fill / Everyone just chill / Cause' if I start to click / I just might kill
(Verse 3) They got me hooked up / To tubes and machines / X-rays cat scans / And EKGs / They call Dr. Strong / To put me in the quiet room / Givin' me lithium / To change my mood / Schizophrenic episodes / Compulsive excessive / Homicidal tendencies / And manic depressive / I got a bad temper / So often sedated the / Every single day / I'm over medicated / I'm thinkin' of escape / Cause' I'm always paranoid / Blamin' shit on my mom / While they quote Sigmund Freud / They took away my belt / So I gotta hold up my pants / They took away my shoelaces / So now I can't dance / Everyday in group sessions / I talk about my problems / But doctors don't care / Or even try and solve them / They don't care what you say / As long as you pay / And it's the same old shit / Day after day
(Hook) Cause' I'm sick and tired / Tired and sick / Tired of the pressure / Sick of the shit / I'm sick and tired / Tired and sick / Tired of dealing with / Mental illness
Can you hear the voices? They're all around you...the voices...
Track Name: Chillin' In The P.R.C.
Verse 1
Listen to this verse / These words be the first thing / To come out my mouth / So sorry if I curse / But it would be much worse / If I didn't keep it real / So if I do curse / Y'all just sit back and chill / Cause' I got this / Its called hip hop / You know the rap game / Ain't gonna stop / Cause' I'm chillin' / In the P.R.C. / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth that's who I be
I say 1, 2, 3 / M.D.A. is who I be / And I'm chillin' in the P.R.C. / Doin' this thing called hip hop / Huh? What?
Verse 2
Most emcees flow for sixteen bars / But I only need a few / To get my point across / My rhymes are nice / I get drunk playing dice / Each and everyday / I eat some rice / I rap, dance beatbox the whole nine / Here in Beijing my star will shine / Make you blind / You gotta wear sunglasses / In the day I teach classes to the masses
Verse 3
I used to use a fork / Now I use chopsticks / My DJ cut and scratch / This mic I rip / I flow sick / So go to the doctor / I got you addicted / style I offer / Old school flavor with new school style / M.D.A. the Blaquesmyth / And I go buck wild / I go toe to toe / Any day of the week / Friend or foe / Best beware when they speak / I've been known / To cause brain damage / My mic's too hot / I don't think you can manage / You get scorched / Third degree burns / You wanna battle me? / Well that's what you learned / I'm emcee number one / The Blaque Shogun / Try and battle me / And I'll have you on the run son
Track Name: Smoke Out
(Hook) When I smoke out / I feel so happy and free / That's why I smoke out / It feels good to be me / So let me smoke out / And you can find me / After I smoke out / Smoke out
(Verse 1) Weed smoke fills the room / So cloudy and thick / Eyelids gettin' heavy / Like a stack of bricks / I'm lookin' at this chick / So stacked and thick / I can't keep my thoughts straight / My minds playin' tricks / I take another puff / I take another hit / I'm feelin' paranoid / Man this weed is the shit / I'm feelin' real good / Don't fuck with my high / Ain't got time ot explain / Don't ask me why / Now I got the munchies / For burgers and fries / I'm M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / I'm one hell of a guy / I get high high high / Everyday / In my speacial way / At 4:20 / I huffs and puffs more smoke / Than Puff The Magic Dragon / I ain't braggin' / Just tellin' the truth / So just imagine / How much puffin' I do / I got so much THC in my system / My piss is turning green / Dreadlocks growin' weed stems / It's sweatin' out my pores / all up in my skin / Sometimes when I eat / i even mix it in / Brownies and spaghetti / Hot buttered bhangs / These are a few of my favorite things / When I smoke out / Smoke out / Smoke out / Smoke out / Smoke out / When I smoke out / My body feels detached / That's why I smoke out / it helps me to relax / So let me smoke out / And I'll be right back / After I smoke out / Smoke out
(Verse 2) When I smoke out / I enjoy life's treasures / What you take for granted / Life's little pleasures / I contemplate God / And count all my blessings / Feels good to be alive / No need to be stressin' / But sometimes I feel the need o just kneel / I pray for the world / And hope that it heals / But if you really wanna know what I want / Let's got to the U.N. / And pass around some blunts / I guarantee / Within twenty-four hours / No more wars or nuclear powers /No more fightin' / All wars would cease / Go chill with the Rastas and celebrate peace / Arabs and Jews / Would sit down and shake hands / India would reunite with Pakistan / China would sip tea / With Japan / No more war / In Iraq or Iran / So soldiers come on home / There's no need ot be fightin' / Instead of pullin' triggers / Weed smoke should be lightin' / We shouldn't be fightin' / And that's no doubt / We should be uniting / So let's smoke out / Smoke out / Cause' when I smoke out / I contemplate life / That's why I smoke out / No more pain or strife / So let me smoke out / And we can talk about God / After I smoke out / Smoke out
(Verse 3) When I smoke out / I can do no wrong / When I'm on the dance floor / And the musics on / I don't care if there's a crowd / Or if I'm by myself / Cause' I smoke by myself / Drink by myself / What makes you think / I won't dance by myself / The DJ keeps it going / Late into the night / Everybody's feelin' good / Everybody's alright / No one is arguing / No one's here to fight / So I take another toke / And it feels just right / So now I'm / Lookin' for a girl to push up on / Cause' this next song / Is a slow song / And this weed smoke / Makes it last long / And every move we make / And every breath we take / Goes together / Like it was meant by fate / As the beat goes / Our bodies gyrate / We both know what's next / That's why I can't wait / To get her back to the crib / Cause' there's no doubt / What we gonna do / When the lights is turned out / But first things first / We gonna smoke out / Cause' when I smoke out / I can't help but dance / That's why I smoke out / You might give me a chance / So let me smoke out / And we might start a romance / After I smoke out smoke out
When I smoke out / I feel so happy and free / That's why I smoke out / It feels good to be me / So let me smoke out / Or you can join me / And we can smoke out / Smoke out
Track Name: Step To My Rep
(Verse 1) They call me The Beast / Cause' I'm a party animal / Get i my face / I'll tap you in the mandible / Niggas can't hang / Well that's understandable / I eat up competition / Like my name was Hannibal / Lecter yesir / I'm quick to grab the mic / I say what I feel / Don't care what you like / I say what I mean / Don't ever say sike / I'm like a terrorist / Whenever I'm on the mic / Cause' I blow up spots / Make em' hot when they not / My flow is like lava / Liquid hot / And quick to hold a grudge / And won't soon forget / So around me / Watch your etiquette / Mind your manners boy / And watch your step / Cause' I'm a crazy motherfuckin' nigga / Quieet as kept so...
(Verse 2) I like flirtin' with these ladies / That think they out my league / You'd be surprised / How many times I succeed / These bitches is fine / But not as fine as they think / Walkin' around / Like that pussy don't stink / Well bitch please get on your knees / And go mwah mwah mwah / Like a baby on a tit goes / Mwah mwah mwah / I ain't met a girl / That's too good to suck / So while you down there / Lick both my nuts / Oh you don't suck dick / Okay that's fine / Well get to steppin' / I don't fuck with your kind / I won't apologize / For my ill behavior / I'm the life of the party / Yeah I'm your savior / Quick to save a friend / May even save a foe / But won't ever play / Captain Save A Ho / So...
(Verse 3) We be on that Johnny Walker Red / And that Johnny Walker Black / Get that shit in our system / And we don't know how to act / EzyPzy Mattie Fresh / B. Dizzle and me / Up in the club / Straight gettin' saucy / Boogie Dave is on the floor / Doin' The Shenzhen Shake / TKO is bangin' beats / To make the whole club quake / We got it goin' on / Up in Guangdong / Got people dancin' / To a Blaquesmyth song / So what's wrong / What you don't know / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Bring superior flow / Cause' I'm quick to grab a mic / Bust a flow and catch wreck / If you got the balls / Then come step to my rep
Track Name: Get Loose
Verse 1
Listen up y'all / I ain't your average nigga / When it comes to hip hop / It don't get no bigger / Don't care where you're from / Or who you are / Here in Shenzhen nigga / I'm the star / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth / Oh yeah that's me / Remember told you I was chillin' in the P.R.C. / Well listen up / I tell no lies / I live that shit to my heart / Do or die / So c'mon / Get up and get on the floor / I'mma give you a little bit of what you came here for / C'mon shake your ass / C'mon get loose / Cause' when it comes to hip hop / You know I got the juice
Verse 2
All the ladies in the club / You only got one task / If you want a man / Start shakin' that ass / Start bumpin' start grindin' / Give it what you got / Turn up the a/c / Cause' its about to get hot
Verse 3
All the fellas in the the club / If you want to hit it / Get on the dance floor / Show her you down with it / Just grab her by the waist / And don't be shy / Hit it front, back and side to side
Verse 4
M.D.A. / The Blaquesmyth am I / Kiss the girls / And make them cry / I used to do graffiti / I used to breakdance / Now I'm an emcee / Givin' you one last chance / To get your ass up / Move it all around / Get on the dance floor / If you like my sound / I'm straight underground / You know sub-terrainian / Below sea level / Watch out here comes the rain again / But I'm not Annie Lennox / And no I'm not finished / I flood you with my flow / Until the beat is deminished / I'm the Blaque Shogun / An underground emcee / If you like my steeze / Get up and dance for me
Verse 5
Now I wrote this song / So that you can dance / So just listen to the music / And give it a chance / I'm gonna make you move / I'm gonna make you sweat / So all your problems you'll soon forget / So every guy grab a girl / Every girl grab a man / If that's not enough then clap your hands / Bob your head / And wiggle in your seat / And when you feel the groove / Get on your feet / And if that's not enough / Just grab yourself a glass / Don't matter what's in it / Just drink it down fast / And you can get loose / Just like me / M.D.A. The Blaquesmyth in the P.R.C.
Verse 6
All the people on the left / All the people on the right / Get on the dance floor / And do what you like / Don't push, don't shove / You don't have to run / But it ain't no fun / If I'm the only one
Verse 7
All the people in the back / All the people in the front / Get on the dance floor / And do what you want / It don't matter who's lookin' / It don't matter who sees / Just as long as you get up / And dance for me
Verse 8
Listen up y'all / It don't get no iller / This DJ right here / Is a straight cold killer / He's a one man band / Only speaks with his hands / Listen real close / And maybe you'll understand